Pasta BOX

Pasta with Bolognese sauce

Pasta of durum wheat, combined with delicious Bolognese sauce and pieces of meat, cheese Grana Padano and Basil will give satiety and a unique taste at any time

Pasta with Carbonara sauce

Pasta from durum wheat, a delicate Pesto sauce, and unique cheese Grana Padano combined with juicy fried bacon will give classic, elegant taste of Italian cuisine

Rice noodles with chicken stir-fry

Rice noodles, spicy chicken stir-fry with beans combined with vegetables, Chia seeds and black sesame will give a memorable taste of Asian cuisine

Main dishes

Rice with vegetables and fish nuggets

Perfectly cooked rice seasoned with oil, combined with green peas and corn perfectly emphasizes fish nuggets with a crispy crust neatly laid out on the sauce

Couscous with pork and vegetables

Couscous cooked according to exclusive recipe blends perfectly with the tender pork in tomato juice, which is combined with eggplant, onions, carrots and fresh tomatoes gives the most excellent taste

Pasta with chicken and mushrooms

Noodles made from durum wheat and combined with slices of juicy chicken fillet, pickled mushrooms and onions will take You to their taste in the best restaurants of the country

Buckwheat porridge with chicken liver

Buckwheat in combination with rich chicken liver, this is the perfect combination of wholesome food and taste. Tender liver cooked in a creamy sauce with carrots and onions is the perfect complement to crumbly buckwheat porridge and leave You a pleasant feeling of satiety

Pilaf with chicken

Risotto with perfectly cooked rice combined with chicken, finely chopped and fried slices of carrots and onions will not leave You indifferent and will satisfy your hunger

Noodles with meatballs in red sauce

Noodles made from durum wheat and in combination with the meatballs of chicken, carrots and onions in tomato sauce will not leave indifferent even the most exacting gourmets

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