Soft, natural energy drink based on guarana extract and vitamin C. the Composition has the functions of energy, stimulates the brain and Central nervous system, helps concentration.


An immune stimulant based on extracts of Echinacea and acerola. He is able to stimulate the immune system and raise protective forces of an organism, has antioxidant properties, contains vitamin C.


Thanks to the mint and magnesium drink helps to overcome stress and to focus. Positively affects the brain, nervous system and relieves irritation.


On the basis of the functional ginger drink promotes rapid weight loss, so it is indispensable in sports nutrition. The composition contains natural sweeteners — stevia and green coffee extract. The ideal ratio of nutritive value to those who care about their figure.


Tea raspberry

Sweet, fragrant and extremely healthy drink from childhood. Juicy raspberry, combined with spicy ginger is a great remedy for colds.

Tea oblepihovym

Vitamin-rich blend of sea buckthorn, ginger, cinnamon and honey – wonderful taste, tangible benefit. In combination with cold or hot water, the tea will quench your thirst in the heat or warm in the winter cold.

Ginger tea

Rich taste of ginger was harmoniously complemented by natural honey and savory notes of lime. A storehouse of vitamins in each Cup!

Mulled wine cherry soft

Non-alcoholic variation of the drink with a bright, full-bodied taste and aroma, spicy notes of cinnamon and citrus. Cherry mulled wine will not only bring you pleasure, but will also have a therapeutic effect on the body.

Tea: pomegranate

A unique blend of ripe berries of dogwood, fragrant rosemary, raspberry and ginger – so much of natural antioxidants as one Cup of tea!

Tea cranberry

The original combination of light acidity of fresh cranberries and gourmet spices ginger. The abundance of useful properties and vitamins improve health with taste!

Tea black currant

Currants and Basil complement each other, giving vigor, health and unforgettable taste. In combination with cold or hot water, the tea will quench your thirst in the heat or warm in the winter cold.

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