Cheesecake New York

Amazing taste this popular worldwide dessert gives a rich souffle of cream cheese, combined with a base of crunchy biscuit which is baked in the oven until Golden brown.

Cheesecake Italian

This delicate dessert is cooked on basis of cream cheese, sour cream and crunchy biscuits. He has an original creamy taste that will give you unforgettable impressions and fill Your day with ease.

Cheesecake peach

Taste traditional American dessert, we added slices of fragrant peach. Gentle cream souffle combines perfectly with bright, rich flavor jelly juice natural peaches. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to try it!

Chocolate cheesecake

Classic Italian cheesecake in a chocolate version. Delicate chocolate souffle, with a rich cocoa flavor and amazing creamy flavor, covered in velvety chocolate frosting.

Cheesecake lemon

Tender, light cake is prepared on the basis of cream cheese, sour cream, lemon zest, and crunchy biscuits. The top is covered with a layer of jelly from the juice of natural lemons, which gives a vivid spicy notes of citrus in this dessert.

Cake of the original "Carrot"

Carrot cake has been known since Medieval Italy. Fragrant notes of cinnamon, walnuts and coconut add sophistication and refinement. This delicate dessert are not only incredibly tasty but also extremely useful.


Macaroons MIX

Little French masterpieces of confectionary art. Four refined and an incredible taste Macarons in one package. Treat yourself to a variety of taste solutions tender, mouth-watering dessert. A great gift for a loved one and the perfect complement to a Cup of tea or coffee.

Macaroons MIX Premium

Amazing flavors come from France in a brand new Premium Macarons.

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