The company "GFS" - a leading manufacturer of food products, confectionery products, sandwiches, beverages and prepared dishes in the format of "Ready meals" and "Food to GO". Our company is focused on people who prefer food made with love and available at any time. Not using dyes and artificial food additives in the production of, and guided by the traditions of the home cooks, we are able to maintain a perfect balance between a quick meal that is always available and the value of home cooking. This is a quality that you could trust. You no longer have to spend time cooking when there is absolutely no time. To organize a dinner, a snack with colleagues, to replenish stocks of food if you plan to travel, this can be done in a few moments. Our products combine convenient packaging and ready to use at any time, with usefulness and freshness of home-cooked culinary masterpieces.


Our technology cooking food, is based on love and respect for natural ingredients. Not using dyes and artificial food additives in the production achieved maximum unique taste, quality and usefulness in every manufactured product. The temperature conditions in industrial lines and cryogenic freezing during storage — our main advantage while maintaining the freshness and taste of our meals on the way to the table. The consumer then receives high-quality products with a long shelf life, in a convenient and colorful package.

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